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What is Aspen Basic Engineering?

Aspen Basic Engineering (ABE), formerly Zyqad, is a database-driven, workflow enhancement solution offered by Aspen Technology (AspenTech).

ABE is intended to be the central data repository, or master data management center, of E&C project execution. It takes data in from simulation, equipment design, cost estimation, Excel, and more. Since all the data is in one location, it then can auto-populate E&C project deliverables and apply numerous data formatting and customizations options, such as unit of measure control, revision control, single-source-of-truth data management, rights and privileges for your users and admins, and much more.

Through the utilization of a database, each and every E&C deliverable can be customized within ABE to reflect the needs of each E&C customer.

For more information on Aspen Basic Engineering, please contact your Aspen Technology representative and try the links below.

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