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The services offered by Black Fire Consulting are solely with regard to Aspen Basic Engineering. All services are fully customizable and will be built to the specifications of each of our customers.

Custom ABE Datasheets


Create custom datasheets and lists using your existing Excel templates, so your users will be familiar with their deliverables.

Datasheets, Calc Sheets, Equipment Lists, Material Balances, and more can be customized to exact specifications.

Novel equipment, modifications to ABE out-of-the-box templates, overall equipment lists, and more can be custom created to add the most value for your teams and your business.


Create custom symbols and labels to draft high quality and useful diagrams.

Keep PFDs, MSDs, DP/DTs, and all your diagrams congruous and linked quickly and effortlessly.

Custom ABE Symbology
Custom ABE KBs

Knowledge base

Create custom Knowledge Base items within ABE or from Excel, connecting engineering activities with your ABE databases.

Bring Excel calculations directly into ABE, eliminating extraneous, hard-to-manage Excel spreadsheets or link ABE to Excel to push/pull data.

Rules, Local Methods, Filters and Sorts, Events, Daemons, and Bridges can all be customized to enhance your engineering efforts.

Have a specific need that is not addressed? Contact us to discuss what you need!

Black Fire Consulting Ltd